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We at Solartint understand that choosing the right car window film to tint your car could be an overwhelming task. This is precisely why our range of tint films includes a whole spectrum of choices, to enable you to pick the best window tint for your lifestyle.

Some of these options include:


A value oriented tint film available in a wide range of shades.

With up to 99% UV reduction, staying safe and cool has never been more affordable.

Black Pearl

Combining pure optical clarity with naturally occurring nano particles.

Black Pearl is the best auto tint for those after the darkest possible tint shade.


Combining all the best features of tint films into one versatile package, Onyx features up to 57% heat rejection, up to 99% UV reduction, up to 94% glare reduction and classic shades of black tint film.

Backed by our nationwide lifetime warranty*, Onyx is one of the best window tints available in the industry.

Get local help

Speak to your local Solartint store for a one on one consultation to see which window tint film suits you. Our friendly team is more than happy to talk to you about your needs and offer advice, tips and personalised help in picking the right tint film for your lifestyle.

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*Warranty terms, conditions and exclusions apply. See in-store for more information.


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Choose to be different. Charcool blocks out 99% of UV and comes with a factory-backed lifetime warranty.


Black Envy

Blacker than black. A fusion of pure optical clarity combined with spectrally select natural occurring nano particles.



High performance tint technology. Exceptional heat rejection for a ride offering enhanced passenger comfort


Car Care

Shield your car’s paintwork and interior surfaces.


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