Interior and Exterior Protection

Protect Paint, Vinyl, Leather and Fabric from damage with Auto Shield 

Auto Shield offers complete protection for your car’s paintwork and interior surfaces, providing a shield against common problems such as paintwork fading and discolouration, damage from bird droppings, and more. And let’s not forget about the benefits that it provides for your interior surfaces - nourishing your leather seats, helping reduce cracking of vinyl surfaces, and protecting your fabric and carpets from commonly consumed foods and liquids seaping through the surface. 

FREE Bucket Load of Protection! 

Autoshield Pack V2 Sml


What’s great about Auto Shield is that with every purchase of an exterior/interior pack, you’ll receive a FREE reward kit to help maintain your vehicle’s showroom shine. So a bucket-full of goodies that gives you all you need to shield n’ shine your paintwork and interior surfaces. 

Your Reward Kit Includes:

  • Premium Waterless Wash
  • Premium Car Shampoo
  • Tint Safe Glass Cleaner
  • Surface Rejuvenator
  • Microfibre Cloth 
  • Foam Applicator Pad 
  • Car Care Guide 
  • Car Wash Bucket

The benefits

  • Protects your paintwork from bird droppings and tree sap, as well as paint fading
  • Protects against commonly consumed food and liquid spills from staining and sticking
  • Lifetime Nationwide Warranty* 
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*Warranty terms, conditions and exclusions apply.

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